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Metronome Growth Systems is a cloud based business platform for CEOs, leaders and business coaches


Drive growth using structured strategic planning based on priorities, data and meeting rhythms.

Use it on your cell phone, tablet or desktop browser.

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For Companies


The One Page Plan is your company's strategy and plan laid out clear and simple. Each team member has a personalized plan that includes their top priorities and metrics.

Keep your whole team on track towards the same goals!


See your whole organisation at a glance with the status of everyone's priorities. Quickly see what areas to focus on in order to achieve your company goals.


Track and share metrics at an individual and company level. You always know how well your team is performing and it promotes an environment of ownership and accountability that drives growth.

For Coaches


Understand how all your businesses are performing at a glance.

The Coach's Dashboard shows how each company is tracking towards quarterly priorities and lets you quickly get up to speed on the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).


Access to concise and timely information makes you a better coach and helps you manage more clients.


Metronome helps you do things your way. From complete customization of the One Page Plan to an adaptable coaching plan and flexible meeting rhythms, we've got you covered!




All of your key metrics at a glance.  It's easy to keep your team up to date.

One Page Plan

Your company strategy and plan laid out clear and simple and printable on one double-sided page.

Each employee's plan is linked to their Scorecard and Team View.

team view & priorities

Track and assign priorities.  Sub-priorities further refine the work to be done. 

You can overlay the priorities with their status (red, yellow, green) on your org chart to easily visualize who is working on what and where the bottlenecks are.


Each position in the company has a scorecard to clearly outline the functional accountabilities and competencies expected, as well as the metrics by which their performance will be measured.  During on-boarding and employee reviews, this is all at your fingertips. 

Inspired by Brad Smart's Topgrading.


Set your team's metronome with regular meetings where you can review your real-time data on status, metrics, KPIs and priorities.

No one wants to spend longer than necessary in meetings.  With Metronome you can create an agenda that automatically pulls up the relevant information for review.  This streamlines the meeting process and allows your team to easily prepare in advance.  

Any action items, stucks and priorities can be managed immediately during your meeting so nothing is missed.



Confidential, customizable peer reviews help track individual performance and create accountability.  

Any aspects that are tracked within MGS such as Accountabilities, Competencies, Priorities, Metrics and Company Core Values can be scored by one or more reviewers.

Reviews provide a formal feedback mechanism that helps drive high performing teams.



CEO Package

$36 CAD
per month

1 User

Executive Team

$120 CAD
per month

2-5 Users

Growing Teams

$??? CAD

Coaches: contact us to manage multiple businesses and for preferred pricing

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