Meetings Must Be More Than Just "meeting". 3 Ways To Better Plan Your Meetings To Ensure Success

The success of a business is never a fluke. There are numerous checklist items that every company and its team must have to be in the running for an overall WIN.  One of which is strategic planning. Without a long term, midterm, and current plan, the drive to any goal will go off course. You wouldn’t drive to a desired destination with no road signs, directions, or compass, so why operate a business without a plan in place?

Having a company strategic plan also means having a plan for meetings. When used correctly, meetings can be the key tool that turn goals into achievable goals. But how do you master meetings and take control of a company’s narrative? We have some best practices to help! MGS was created to be the map, and the key elements of a meeting are the signs and directions getting your companies to their destination.


  1. RHYTHM – Setting consistent Rhythms for a company meeting is extremely important. Having these meeting rhythms in place helps provide structure for the team. They know that, they are required to speak to their teammates and report on the status of all the things they are accountable for. This helps build and maintain the lines of communication with their colleagues.  In MGS, setting your meeting rhythms is easy! When you create a meeting, you can set its reoccurrence schedule to accommodate any agenda you would like the team to follow.

  2. CONTENT – Are the meetings built on a strong strategic plan? Or is the agenda a reflection of reaction? Reviewing a company’s priorities and metrics on a regular basis allows you to see if they are on track. When creating a meeting in MGS, you can select priorities and metrics to review in that meeting. This is a great way to not only have verbal communication on who is doing what, but also see the status of the  priorities and metrics as they stand at the time of the meeting. Once a meeting has been created, you can customize the content of your meetings. With the help of MGS, you and your companies are able to customize the agenda to fit your needs and ensure proper actions are taken as a result of the discussion it creates.

  3. ACCOUNTABILITY – Setting goals, having company priorities and identifying metrics is essential, but mean nothing for the team if there is no accountability. Team members must know what priorities they are responsible for, how to measure them, and know how they contribute to reaching company goals. Accountability identifies the who, what, and when and assigns action items from your meetings. Metronome Growth Systems meetings tool allows users to capture the details of the meetings and what was said in one place, like seeing if an action item was completed since the last meeting occurrence and discussing if it was not done and why.  


All together the communication helps to keep you on track, and if you’re straying, look at why and what can be modified before the end of the quarter – instead of waiting until the end of the period to see where you end up.


Whether it is for a one-on-one meeting with a direct report, daily huddle, weekly meeting, monthly team meeting or quarterly planning sessions, MGS is built to make meetings more efficient, structured, and where the outcome is always captured and archived.