ADVICE FROM A TOP MGS COACH - How creating everyday habits drives the great results

As humans, one of biggest challenges we face is change. It is a disturbance to our comfortable routines and requires practice, patience, and persistence to adapt to. But something that has proven true in life and business, is that although change isn’t always easy, it’s necessary for growth and development. 

Implementing a new tool in your company will likely come with some resistance.  The thought of a new tool changing the normal daily routine of systems can seem very daunting and undesirable. 

As a tool, Metronome Growth Systems is not an exception to this dilemma. We frequently get asked for best practices in implementation of the tool. One differentiator of MGS that helps significantly with this implementation, is that once it is implemented, Coaches and Teams don’t know what they were doing without it!

We spoke with Shannon Byrne Susko, Co-Founder of Metronome Growth Systems for her best practices for implementing MGS into your company.

“As a Coach, I designed with my co-founding partners, the software platform that we wanted as leaders of a high growth company. The way this platform was designed was to support the disciplined behavior of a high performing business team and their coach. 

Even still as a coach, I cannot force any client to use it (other than the fact they will not work with me as a coach if they do not use the software platform). I believe the best practice of a high performing team is to create a visible and transparent playing field, just like the soccer field. MGS allows me, as coach of the leadership team, to have a good clear view of the business.  This way I can add as much value as possible. 

As a coach, I include the “playing field” that is the MGS Software with my coaching offering. All my clients can add as many users as they feel necessary to win the game on the field. This is part of my secret sauce as a coach of high growth companies. This is one way to get the company on the path to winning quickly.

The next step is to ingrain the “playing field”, MGS, in their everyday life in the business. There are three key areas to ensuring MGS becomes a habit: 

  1. The leadership must use MGS Meetings  for the daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual huddles – including their weekly one on ones.  

  2. Have the business map out the plan from Culture foundation, to 3HAG to their 1HAG including the 90 day company priorities as well as the 90 day individual priorities – mapped to 13 week sub priorities – is key to ensure that all users update their priority status at least once a week for all to see.  This includes their quarterly metrics – on an individual basis. 

  3. Use the well thought out Scorecard and Review sections.  This ties in all three key activities to getting the visibility the team and the coach needs.  It ensures there is TEAM ACCOUNTABILITY and all is up to date so the team can play to win.”

Taking your team to the next level may require a push, but that push will be rewarded with a clear view of your strategy and how you are on your way to achieving your goals.

MGS is an evolving tool and it gets better with feedback from coaches and teams. We always appreciate and encourage our users to provide information on what they need from the tool and how we can help meet those needs.

Contact our team to provide feedback, ask questions, or book a demo today!